The duties and responsibilities of this committee accrue with increasing importance as individual Probate Judges advance in age and time on the bench.  See the Duties / Responsibilities section below for more details.

The purposes of this committee are primarily five-fold:


  1. To become familiar with existing statutes pertaining to retirement and other  benefits of State employees, including judicial officers, with special attention being given to that of Probate Judges.
  2. To convey timely information to fellow Probate Judges and provide status reports concerning any impending changes threatening their  retirement and other benefits, including any erosion thereof.
  3. To maintain a stewardship, monitor and keep informed about any pending changes and/or actual changes in the benefits of other judicial bodies.
  4. To stay abreast of proposed legislation that serves to threaten the benefits of the Probate Judges’ Retirement Program and promptly act in concert with the Association to focus attention on the condition.
  5. To lend active support in cooperation with the Legislative Committee should circumstances develop and it be determined that certain positive changes are indicated and justified in the Probate Judges’ Retirement Program.