The following MEMEMBER POSITIONS are important additions to the APJA Committees that fulfill a need for continued and successful planning and operation of the AL Probate Judges Association.


The Parliamentarian will see to the proper application of the Rules of Procedure in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order in conduct of the Association’s meetings. Efforts will be directed toward efficiency and the elimination of controversy, confusion, and to prevent discord so that every member will be encouraged to participate in the deliberative proceedings of the Association.

Knight Templar

In order to begin conferences and meetings promptly and in a timely fashion, the need and benefit of having a member specifically designated and assigned to this duty and responsibility seems desirable and appropriate.

Subject to his/her acceptance, therefore, a fellow judge will be invited to carry out and perform this task.


The Historian will seek to compile a continuous and detailed historical account of events concerning the Association in order of time, including among other things, the following:

  1. Approximate dates and particular events that led to organizing the Association.
  2. The names of individual Probate Judges who made an early contribution in organizing the Association.
  3. Major accomplishments, as well as the difficult experiences encountered during the Association’s development and later history.
  4. The origin and early contact between the Alabama Law Institute and the Association.
  5. Collection of old directories published by the Association.
  6. Results of interviews with retired Probate Judges and others who were able to provide helpful information concerning the formation and growth of the Association.
  7. Development of a roster of the former Probate Judges who served in each county since its inception.
  8. Update as much historical information as possible to our association website.

State Government Affairs
Liaison Officer

The Probate Judge serving in this position will act as liaison between the various departments in State Government in which the Office of Probate Judge customarily comes in contact.  The principal Departments in State Government with which the State Government Affairs Officer will be responsible for maintaining contact are:

  • Office of Secretary of State
  • Office of Attorney General
  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Examiner of Public Accounts
  • Department of Safety
  • Department of Archives and History
  • Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Department of Public Health
  • Center for Health Statistics
  • Office of Vital Statistics
  • State Voter Registrar
  • Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator will have the duty and responsibility of maintaining contact and working directly with the Committee Chairpersons, respectively.

His/her duties will require that he/she obtain from each chairman a tentative schedule of committee meetings planned for the year.  If requested, the Project Coordinator will make arrangements for date, time, and location of meetings set by the respective chairperson.

It occurs that the chairperson of a Committee may wish to schedule meetings of his/her different committees at various locations in the state.  For example, it may be useful and advantageous to schedule meetings in a county in the same
Congressional District with companion counties as an acceptable alternative to the need for only holding statewide meetings by committees.

The Project Coordinator will also serve on behalf of the President and/or Executive Committee in other matters having special need by the Association.

Further, the Project Coordinator will join effort with the Membership Director and Committee chairpersons helping to secure the skills, talents, and experience of the Revenue Commissioners, etc., who are also charged with handling car tags, etc. Whenever possible, these important associate members should be assigned to the various committees.